Epiq Coin Features!
Grows in your wallet
With Epiq Coin, 1% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to all Epiq Coin holders in $BNB. As an Epiq Coin holder, you can access the Epiq Coin dashboard page to collect your daily BNB earnings and watch your wallet grow over time.
Earn $BNB by hodling $EpiqCoin
As an Epiq Coin holder, you can earn daily BNB rewards simply by hodling your coins. With a unique hyper-deflationary model, 1% of every Epiq Coin transaction is automatically redistributed to all Epiq Coin holders in BNB. This means that the more Epiq Coin you hold in your wallet, the more BNB you can accumulate over time.
Automatic Liquidity Pool
As an Epiq Coin holder, you can benefit from a unique liquidity-generating feature built into the token's smart contract. With every transaction, 2% is automatically contributed towards generating further liquidity on PancakeSwap. This not only benefits the broader Epiq Coin community by ensuring that there is ample liquidity available, but it also benefits long-term Epiq Coin holders the most.
RFI Static Rewards
Epiq Coin offers a unique model where 2% of every transaction is automatically redistributed to all Epiq Coin holders, including the burn address. This means that with every transaction, the total supply of Epiq Coin is gradually decreased, making each coin more valuable over time.
Inbuilt Anti-Whale Mechanism
Secure and Fair Trading with Epiq Coin Epiq Coin implements a transaction limit to prevent market manipulation. Any transaction over 0.1% of total supply is rejected. Transfers between wallets over 0.1% are charged 1 BNB fee, which is donated to charities. Join us for secure and fair trading with Epiq Coin.
Highly Secured
We take the security of our community seriously at Epiq Coin. To ensure the safety and trust of our investors, we have locked all initial liquidity provided with Unicrypt. This means that the liquidity pool is secure and transparent, and the contract is trustless for the Epiq Coin community. We are committed to transparency and will be releasing audit reports soon as they are under progress. You can rest assured that your investments in Epiq Coin are secure and that we are actively working to maintain the highest levels of trust and safety for our community.
Built for the Community
At Epiq Coin, we are proud to be a community-driven token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to building a strong and supportive ecosystem that benefits all our investors. We are excited to announce that the PCS launch price for Epiq Coin will see at least a 10% uplift, with the introduction of transaction fees. This is a testament to the strength and potential of our community, and we are confident that Epiq Coin will continue to grow and thrive in the months and years to come.
The Next Generation of Digital Assets
Epiq Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain. Our community-driven token is designed to offer secure and transparent transactions, with a range of innovative features that make it easy to buy, sell, and hold digital assets. Join us today and experience the benefits of decentralized finance with Epiq Coin.
EpiqCoin Airdrop/Presale
Epiqcoin Will be listed on CEX’S and pancakeswap exchange after Presale end.
Enter BNB
(*) Rate Sale: 0.01 BNB = 30,00,000 EpiqCoin
(*) Minium buy 0.01 BNB - 10 BNB
(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission.
Refer your friends and claim bonus
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(*) Referral friend claim 1,000,000 EpiqCoin
(*) You receive 1,000,000 EpiqCoin
(*) Referral no limit bonus.
  • Phase 1
    Marketing push to spread awareness for Epiq Coin
    Launch of Epiq Coin website
    Goal to reach 5000 members on Epiq Coin Telegram group
    Development of Epiq Coin to increase engagement
    Celebrating the birth of Epiq Coin, the next generation of digital assets
  • Phase 2
    Implementing influencer marketing strategy to promote Epiq Coin
    Listing Epiq Coin on CoinGecko for increased visibility
    Listing Epiq Coin on CoinMarketCap to expand reach
    Goal to reach 25,000 members on Epiq Coin Telegram group
    Goal to reach 25,000 Epiq Coin holders
    Conducting a third-party audit to ensure transparency and security
    Encouraging voluntary donations for community development and charity partnership.
  • Phase 3
    Reaching 100,000 Epiq Coin holders
    Achieving 100,000 members in Epiq Coin Telegram group
    Conducting Air Drop #2 to reward the community
    Launching a large-scale influencer marketing campaign to increase brand awareness
    Securing listings on major centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX)
    Encouraging the community to create more memes for Epiq Coin
    Introducing credit card payment option for cryptocurrency purchases on the Epiq Coin website.
  • Phase 4
    Achieving 150,000 holders for EpiqCoin
    Enhancing marketing efforts for increased awareness and adoption
    Launching Baby Shiba Swap
    Adding more memes to the community
    Redesigning the EpiqCoin website
    Introducing EPIQCOIN GROW, a wallet growth tracker
  • Phase 5
    Achieving 300,000 EpiqCoin holders
    Launching an NFT marketplace for EpiqCoin treats, exclusively available to EpiqCoin token holders
    Offering a Tesla giveaway to promote EpiqCoin's eco-friendliness campaign when market cap hits $250m
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